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  • Davon Hicks


    In order for non violence to work your opponent must have a conscience, the United States has none.” 
    My name is Davon Hicks. I’m a man of God and I believe this world needs healing but I know I can’t do it alone. I once saw this video called “Open letter to God” and as I was watching the video the first thing that caught my attention was a pastor using the (R) word, the (R) word meaning (R)evolution, a word nowadays pastors/prophets are afraid to announce, you see, my generation (90’s) are not backsliders for no reason, church use to congregate nowadays church gets us prepared for judgment day instead of delaying it. I use to say stop judgment day but I realized you can’t stop something God already has planned, you see delaying judgment day is just saving more souls, we know for a fact we not delaying it now because of how this world still is but I’m a firm believer that if God see’s us actually trying, seeing us loving again, seeing us congregate, witnessing, (the lost souls are in the streets, I don’t remember the last time I seen a church go out in witness) being fishes of men, I believe he’ll delay it. If the world was to end right now majority of us would be going to hell, God dont want that for his people, the Bible says “the Lord is not slow to fulfill his promise, as some count slowness but is patient towards you, not wishing that ANY should perish but that all should come to repentance” The second thing that caught my attention is when a pastor said “the consequences of this election, my daughter and their kids are going to live with.” We’re living in selfish times, Im 24 years young and I have a daughter that’s 2, I can honestly say I’ll rather go to hell and back before I leave my baby girl in this wicked world without being aware. A world where one day transgenders will be able to use the same rest rooms as my daughter or a world where students can have guns on college campuses, a world where they invest in mass incarceration instead of schools and teachers, a world where you got 1000’s of homeless but people winning lotto for 300M, private prisons, ect. “in God we trust” they legalize gay marriage knowing that that was one of the main reasons Jesus came back for Sodom and Gomorrah, so who God are the Europeans trusting because it can’t be ours, my God is a jealous God. {Btw they let the black man legalize gay marriage} People don’t think about the future anymore, future being our kids and their kids, 90’s era after high school we were making baby’s, even in school and yeah some out of wedlock but the devil can’t create life meaning no baby is a mistake, I believe it’s a reason we having all these kids, a revolution takes generations the Bible says “train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it” I’m 24 once my daughter gets in her 20’s I’ll be in my 40’s if God says the same, still active, protesting, on the side with her and that goes for the whole 90’s era. It’s something about the 90’s babies, realize they ain’t start making social media until our generation but it was all for keeping us distracted, it’s too many of us and we’re having babies, anglo saxon already trying to control the population. NO REVOLUTION WITHOUT THE YOUTH, WE ARE NOT THE PROBLEM, WE’RE THE SOLUTION. I understand that we have to gain back the respect of our elders because when my generation gets passionate we get destructive towards the wrong things we act first think later and that type of mindset has to change but as we gain back the respect of our elders our elders have to follow our lead as well and back us just like we’ll back them with no hesitation. I’ve done everything in the book twice or more except for rape, child molest, any weird stuff like that, so when I say I feel like I’m Jonah of my generation, that confuses me but who else! I’m passionate for the cultures, the love, unity, real freedom, the YOUTH, life. White America (supremacist) will re-write “hi-story” on us if we let them, I say the only thing stopping slavery is TV. God waiting on his people to love again, God waiting on a revolution, he believes his people can bring change, an uprising generation. Trump had to win, it wouldn’t be a revolution if he didn’t, this is going to expose America for what it is. Understand there’s no consistent black leader, especially one that’s not for meaningless talk. You want to start a revolution, there’s no revolution without the youth, I am the youth, I can lead the youth, I’m not perfect and I can’t say I try to be but one thing I know is that Im humbled and have a pure heart, God sins the heart because you can’t fake the heart but he gives you the ability to discipline the mind. All knowledge not good knowledge but no knowledge is what they want! It’s so much more I would like to run by you but in person if I ever get the chance. It’s only so much you can say when you speak like this. People don’t like this type of talk. This is just my opinion on 
    things, how I think. I know my calling is to help that’s all I ever wanted to do. “There’s two most important days in a man’s life, the day he is born and the day he understands why.” Im all for a peaceful or non peaceful protest, I believe my God is for wrath as well. Realize it or not, “Europeans no longer have the need for a co-dependent relationship with the once shackled slave.” “We fight when we need but first we got to survive.” You see Dr. King had a dream but white America knew in order to dream you had to sleep so they didn’t mind us dreaming, don’t nothing come to a sleeper but a dream. White America didn’t kill Dr. King because he had a dream, they killed him because he woke up. Dr. King was about to take a militant stand point, boycott, no war. “A boycott is a passive act. It is the most passive political act that anyone can commit” (I’m all for boycott, boycott is how we succeed in this revolution) “I think Dr. King is a great man, full of compassion. He is full of mercy and he is very patient. He is a man who could accept the uncivilized behavior of white America and their unceasing taunts, and still have in his heart forgiveness. Unfortunately, I am from a younger generation. I am not as patient as Dr. King nor am I as merciful as Dr. King and their unwillingness to deal with someone like Dr. King just means they have to deal with this younger generation.” Black on black crime is something we have to dig deeper in, its something white America only and always bring up in a argument and can actually put facts to it but I believe we’re under a generational curse call “Breaking The Curse Of Willie Lynch” now I’m not using this as a excuse for black on black crime but “this method if used would control the minds of the negro slave for at least 300 years or at least an entire millennium (thousands) years” but I would love to speak on that and police brutality, the fact that they purging on us like Pharaoh did the Hebrews. Understand I’m also not for meaningless talk, so these rappers that’s rapping about the way WE still living when they been left and these athletes worried about losing endorsements by using they’re platform not understanding that they are the endorsements. Losing endorsements for standing up for what’s right just show’s us who we need to be boycotting. There’s 82 games in basketball not counting playoffs, that’s 82+ press conference, thats 82+ “black live matter too.” It should of been a revolution. We shouldn’t have to say Black Lives Matter TOO for people to understand what we talking about also, it’s common sense to black people that all lives matter! It’s so much more I would like to run by you when you have the time. I’m all for being corrected because if nobody corrects me I’m going to keep speaking like this. As you can see I’m passionate about this lifestyle, i tend to run of subjects alot, but “You can jail a revolutionary but you can’t jail a revolution.” 
    “America is a possibility for anything. America is a young, dumb country and it needs all kinds of help. America is a dumb puppy with big teeth that bite and hurt. And we take care of America. We hold America to our bosom. We feed America. We make love to America. There wouldn’t be an America if it wasn’t for black people. And so, you have some dedicated black Americans who will die a million deaths to save America. And this is home for us. We don’t know, really, about Africa. We talk bout it in a romantic sense, but America is it. And so, America’s always gonna be okay as long as black people don’t totally lose their mind. Cause we’ll pick up the pieces, and we’ll turn it into a new dance.”
    Back in highschool I was in English class about to read, and one of the students shouted out “you got the crowd Davon give them a show!” Well if we give them a show would they listen! 


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