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11am Sundays | Rec Room |
100 Jackson St

Please note Solace & Serenity will take place at 2316 Elgin – Crumbville, TX storefront on the following dates: July 8, 15, 29 and August 12.


The Life Design Academy

Our intention is to help people design the best life possible.

The Life Design Academy is a learning community that invites fellows to turn city problems into personal projects by cross-pollinating paths with like-minded people who have projects.

We have designed a spiral curriculum, complete with practicums and laboratories for participants at every level of life design. Fellows in the Life Design Academy include a wide range of folks who are:

  •  Unclear on what their purpose in life is;
  •  Clear about their purpose and want to transition to honor it on a full-time basis; and
  •  Fulfilling their purpose full-time and want to take their endeavors to a deeper level of intentionality, make a broader impact and heighten their thought leadership.

Through a 12-month journey multi-disciplinary laboratories that engage all the senses, Life Design Academy Fellows can turn a city problem into an innovative project. These experiences are full of possibility and potential to design the life of your dreams!




Contemplate is a time of Contemplative Prayer & Theological discussion. Our intention is to create space, away from the busyness of our day-to-day lives, to be still and know (Psalm 46:10) and discover new ways, rooted in ancient traditions and text, to be known. Contemplate is an extension and complement to the Awakenings Movement Solace and Serenity gatherings that take place every Sunday.


We are pouring our organizational resources into helping rebuild the lives of our neighbors, restore the homes of our friends and rebuild our city.

In addition to sending help to those who need it, we are helping to spread the word about Houston Residents opening their home to those affected by Hurricane Harvey through a special Airbnb Initiative called Open Door Houston.

Solace & Serenity

 Join Us For


11am Sundays | Rec Room |
100 Jackson St

Street Parking is free on Sundays!
Use Commerce, Franklin and Jackson Streets

The Meal


Awakenings Service

“I do not want to do this. But God I trust your plan for eternal good is bigger than my temporary discomfort.”

“Pressing through simply means being present. I will show up to gently do and say what I must.”

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